Commercial Snowmelt Project Gallery

In addition to small heated driveways and sidewalks, radiant snow melting systems are commonly used for large commercial projects, such as those featured below:

Radiant heated walkways installed in downtown Salt Lake City. Electric heated sidewalk system installed in Oak Grove, Missouri.
Radiant heated walks and entry ways at the conference center in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Oak Grove, Missouri installed heated sidewalks throughout the historic downtown area.
Snow melting system embedded in sidewalks and entry. Snowmelt system installed in under paver walkways and steps.
ClearZone system used for heated sidewalks and building entrance. Radiant snowmelt system installed under steps and walkways in Utah.
Electric snowmelt system embedded in asphalt roadway. Electric heated driveway ramp for commercial parking structure.
An electric radiant snowmelt system embedded in a long stretch of asphalt roadway. A snowmelt system installed in a driveway ramp for commercial parking structure.


                                                   More Snow Melting Projects


Electric radiant heat systems are ideal for heating concrete, asphalt and under paver driveways and surfaces.

Radiant Snow Melting – Ideal for Virtually all Surfaces

The Warmzone radiant snowmelt system is safe and effective to use under just about any type of surface, including: asphalt, concrete, tile and brick pavers, and more. The many radiant heat snow melting uses range from a variety of applications, including: heated driveways, sidewalks and walkways, parking areas, outdoor steps and stairways, loading docks and platforms, ramps and bridges, etc.

The automated snowmelt systems are also highly customizable. The radiant heat cable can be installed to accommodate small, uniquely shaped driveways or large, commercial parking lots, ramps and loading platforms. The heated driveway systems are virtually maintenance free and are fully automated, with manual override capability.

The Premier Radiant Snow Melting Cable

For radiant heat snow melting applications under surfaces with pedestrian or vehicular traffic, the ClearZone radiant heating cable is the strongest, most durable and effective heat cable on the market.

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