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Heated Driveways Gain Popularity in Indianapolis, Indiana

January 01, 2020 00:01 AM  BY  JEN BAKER

Every family has their own set of unique traditions for the holidays, but for most residents of Indianapolis Indiana, shoveling snow has been a tradition every winter season. Waking up on a beautiful snow covered morning quickly turns from excitement to complaints as residents gear up to begin the snow removal process. Surprisingly, many residents of Indianapolis have decided to give their shovels a much needed break and opt for a different kind of tradition – staying inside warm and cozy while their automatic snow removal system or heated driveway does all the hard work. 

Radiant heated driveways eliminate the need for manual snow removal.Many residents of Indianapolis feel that a heated driveway is a luxury they can’t afford.  But those individuals that invested in an automatic snow removal system can’t imagine living life without it. They are making the switch to an electric heated driveway to help combat the dread that comes with heavy snowfall.  For areas like Indianapolis with heavy snowfall all winter long, an automatic snow removal system becomes a necessity that will save you time, and add value to your home, not to mention save your back from all the aches and pains. Ultimately, the gains from owning a heated driveway far outweigh the initial cost.

So while your neighbor is breaking out the snow shovels and getting grumpy kids out of bed to help, you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful winter scenery that has transformed the landscape. Even if your budget is tight, many are finding that a heated driveway is surprisingly affordable. Electric heating cables can be installed by any "do-it-yourselfer" to save money, and many opt for heating tire tracks instead of the entire driveway. No matter what your budget is, there is an affordable heated driveway option for you.

The operating cost of a heated driveway is often misconstrued, and many feel it is an unnecessary consumption of energy. This may have been true in the past, but technology has come a long way since the first heated driveways were installed. Today’s snow removal systems, like the Danfoss GX snow removal system, only turn on when precipitation is detected and 99 percent of energy consumed goes into snow melting. At the recommended spacing of 4 inches, the average operational cost is approximately $.28 per 100-square feet per hour. This is based on a 35-watts per square foot snow melting system, with a kilowatt hour rate of $0.08 per hour.  The increase in your power bill is hardly noticeable for most.

Don’t be left out in the cold this winter, while the Johnson’s next door have all the fun enjoying their newly discovered free time with a heated driveway. The best part of an automatic snow removal system is the zero maintenance. It turns on automatically and shuts off automatically, and there are no moving parts that need to be replaced in a few years. A Danfoss GX snow melting system also comes with a 10 year warranty, so you can purchase your automatic snow removal system with confidence.

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