Radiant Snow Melting System - How it Works

The Premier Snow Melting Cable

As the most durable, versatile and long-lasting radiant heat cable on the market, ClearZone heat cable is the most trusted radiant snowmelt solution available. Combined with Warmzone's advanced master control unit, the snow melting cable can be installed in virtually any snowmelt application and can even withstand the heat and compression of newly poured asphalt.

Industry Leading Warranty

Warmzone offers the premier heat cable that carries the industry's most comprehensive warranty. Unlike other heat cable warranties, the cable that Warmzone carries not only provides a 10-year warranty for the cable, but also the labor costs associated with replacing any defective cable. Simply put, Warmzone snow melting cable is unparalleled in all aspects of performance, reliability, longevity and manufacturer support.

ClearZone snowmelt cable, the most durable, reliable radiant heat cable on the market.
Radiant Heat Cable

Snow Melting System Control Unit

Electric heated driveway system s utilize a small wall-mounted control unit to power the snow melting system. The master controllers include line and load terminal blocks and operating contactors.

The snowmelt system controller features a built-in, easy-to-use programmable timer and digital operator interface with manual override capability. The unit is compact, durable and efficient, further complementing the overall performance of the ClearZone snowmelt system.

Using readings from temperature and moisture sensors, the controller ensures economical control of power consumption when keeping outdoor areas free of ice and snow. A moisture sensor is installed in the surface of the driveway. As soon as moisture is detected, the controller activates the snow melting system. Once the sensor has dried out, the thermostat immediately switches off the heating system.

Control unit for electric heated driveway and snowmelt systems. Control Unit for Electric Snowmelt Systems.

Radiant Snowmelt System Activation Device

Warmzone radiant snowmelt systems come standard with an aerial-mounted snow sensor. This highly sophisticated, yet durable device automatically activates the driveway snowmelt system when certain conditions are met, and has several notable features, including: adjustable temperature trigger point, adjustable delay off cycle, upgrade-able remote activation, and it is smart-system compatible.

Pavement-mounted snow switches are also available, but are more commonly used in commercial applications. These devices allow the radiant snow melting system to be 100 percent automated, activating only when it snows. Manual mode allows you to activate the system in case the wind blows snow on the driveway or ice forms due to wind or shade.

   Snow sensor for electric driveway heating system.
Snow Sensor for Electric Snowmelt System.
Installation Notes

A certified electrician is required to hook up power to the control unit, but the rest of the system can be installed by any contractor. Cold leads are wired to the master control unit and then run to the radiant heating cable. The cold leads (come pre-spliced) are spliced to the heating cable, and the cable is laid out over the driveway or walkway to be heated.

Technical Specs of Warmzone's "ClearZone" Heat Cable

ClearZone cable is UL listed and consists of a twin conductor with FEP/XLPE insulation. Its polyolefin jacketing provides flexibility and durability, as well as UV protection. The radiant heating cable is rated at 220° Fahrenheit and is designed to produce 30-50 watts per square foot, providing the quickest response time among snowmelt systems.

For additional information on hydronic and electric radiant heating and snowmelt systems, visit our radiant heat news page. 

Installation of an asphalt heated driveway.

Automated Driveway Heating 

Heated driveway and snow melting systems feature energy efficient, automated operation. The electric snowmelt systems detect when areas of your driveway or sidewalks require snow or ice melting and automatically switch heat on and off as needed.

ClearZone heating cable is the most durable radiant snow melting cable available and comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

The snowmelt system distributes heat evenly throughout the medium, providing a heated driveway and/or sidewalk that is consistently kept free of ice and snow throughout the winter.

The automated system makes labor-intensive snow shoveling or the use of harsh chemicals and salting a thing of the past.

Radiant heated driveway systems also increase the life span of the driveway by eliminating salt corrosion and frost damage, and eliminating potential damage from snow plows and other manual snow removal methods.

Automated heated driveways enhance comfort, convenience and safety.

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